Water Care

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For those hottub and pool customers who
prefer an alternative type of sanitizer!
Bioguard Pool & Spa Water Testing & Analyzing
Bringing in Your Samples
When bringing in your sample, please bring 300 ml of water. With the cap on the bottle place it 18 inches below the surface away from returns for a pool and under the surface with the jets off for a hottub. Uncap the bottle and allow it to fill. Recap and youíre finished.
Our mission is to provide quality water testing with our computerized analysis lab to ensure healthy, safe and clear water.

As trained water care specialists affiliated with Biolab (Chemtura) we can guarantee to you positive results restoring your water to clear, healthy and balanced in a respective amount of time.

To support our lines of hottubs and pools we carry sanitizers and balancers by BioLab, Inc.. Biolab has provided our store with an in house water lab station and computer analysis for all pool and hot tubs, water testing is free of charge to our customers.

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