Bioguard - Water Care

BioGuard Opening Kit
BioGuard Opening Kit
Prepare for the season with the BioGuard Opening Kit and start the season right.
  • Build a chlorine residual
  • Prevent algae early
BioGuard 15 Minute Work WeekTM Kit
15 Minute Work Week™ Kit
Keep your pool sanitized, sparkling and algae free by following the simple BioGuard 15 Minute Work Week pool care system.

The 15-Minute Work Week consists of Smart Sticks® with SmartGuard®, Smart Shock® (weekly oxidizing clarifier), and our highly-effective algae preventative, Banish®! Having all three parts of the BioGuard 3-Step Program lets you work less, spend less, and enjoy your pool more!

  • Simple and effective pool care system
  • Makes water sparkle
  • Avoids costly clean-up
  • Avoids costly repairs
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