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Hydropool Hot Tubs – Enhancing Life

With Hydropool Hot Tubs you can experience the benefits of hydrotherapy in the comfort of your own home.

Hydropool Hot tubs is a 35year plus Canadian manufacturer in Ontario, producing the first Canadian energy efficient (C.E.C. APPROVED) hot tub, built by Canadians for a Canadian seasons. Hydropool’s Evergreen and Environmentally Friendly commitment involves ;live Clean carbon offsets solutions, environmentally responsible printing and a corporate wide recycling program of material with the hot tub.

Hydropool Hot Tubs
The world’s only carbon neutral hot tub.
  • Variety of seat types that are sure to exceed your expectations for comfort
  • Deep bucket seats, higher cool down seats, and loungers that conform to your body ensure the ultimate in relaxation
  • Line ranges from smaller 4-person models to the 8-person 8000 model
Serenity 5SE
5 Person
Serenity 4
Model 4000 4 Person
Model 5000 5 Person
Model 6000 6 Person
Large Lounger
Model 7000 7 Person
Model 8000 8 Person
Self Clean
The World's Only Self-Cleaning Hot Tub
Why you should care?
  • More time enjoying your Hot Tub with Family and Friends
  • Less hassles skimming, cleaning, and changing water
  • Hydropool's self-cleaning hot tub is always ready to go
  • Cleaner Water is Safe Water
300 3 Person
495 4 Person
575 5 Person
625 6 Person
6 Person
Large Lounger
725 7 Person
6 Person
700 6-7 Person
Swim Spas
Water Fitness and Relaxation Combined
  • The Swim Spa is a one-piece miniature pool, made of fiberglass-reinforced acrylic. It produces a resistant current that can be set to varying strengths, depending on the fitness level of the person using the pool.
  • All Hydropool Swimspas are Self Cleaning, they clean 100% of the water every 45 minutes allowing you to spend more time with family & friends and less time cleaning.
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